Thursday, March 7, 2019

Maybe if we stopped dieting, we could change the world.

It’s International Women’s Day. This is a day that celebrates all the diversity, power, and beauty that women around the world embody. Except I can’t help but think about the fact that on every other day, we are sent a barrage a messages that actually, we aren’t enough. Though these messages are slowly changing we are still, even in 2019, given the message that we aren’t enough in our relationships, mothering, careers, or our bodies. What was the last marketing campaign you saw utilizing a female? Mine was a perfume ad insinuating that this magic potion would make her so desirable to her male partner he wouldn’t be able to resist her because of this particular scent. We are told consistently through interpersonal relationships and glances on the train that our sources of value are our body shape, lack of wrinkles, ability to do and have the elusive “all.”

But on this day, International Women’s Day, we are actually celebrating our true value: our value in the ability as women to come together and raise our voices on a humanitarian issue to create change; our ability to support a friend or loved one; our ability to play the fucking cello or whatever the hell it is, because it is ALWAYS MORE IMPORTANT than our body weight and shape. Always.

But here’s the thing, we have been socialized to hate, fix, and focus on this one thing. Because what better way to take someone’s power than to trick them into believing that they have none.

And because of this, I write these words. I write them much more for myself than for anyone else. I write them for my incredible, fantastic, amazing daughter that has a potentially very tough road ahead having been born into a time where Donald Trump was elected the President of The United States. I write these words for the middle aged woman who still stands in front of the mirror cursing her dear, ageing body and face, wasting her most precious life on a value that just doesn’t fucking matter. I write them for the woman on her deathbed wishing she had spent more time being present with her children than counting her calories. I write them for the gorgeous, soulful teenage girl who cuts her wrists and starves herself because of all the hate, fear, and anger that has nowhere else to go. And, I write these words for you. Whoever you are. If you take anything away from this article, please just think for a moment about how many of your limited moments you give away to this lie. Think for a moment about how much you would accomplish and enjoy your life with all of those lost moments.

What would you do with all of that time? Our most precious commodity.

If you’re looking for more inspiration and self-empowerment and overcoming your own challenging belief systems, I really love following Jameela Jamil ( is a fierce activist for women and body positivity.

More resources I love:

I wish you well. And please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just need a little support. We all do.

Love x

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Simplicity Parenting

When I became a mother, I had absolutley no idea what it would take to be what my child deserves and/or needs. The consistent requests, high energy, and tantrums are enough to drive any one mad. Even a yoga teacher. When I think about who I want to be as a parent, I can't help but incorprate my meditation and yoga practices to support me in being that parent. Taking the time to practice regularly mindful presence, patience, non-reactivity, unconditional love amongst other yogic qualitites, infallibly filters into my parenting style. Not to say I don't screw up and lose my cool sometimes or make choices that are best for the sanity of the family and not particularly great for my child (ie. plopped down in front of a screen, anyone??), but I know that with this transformative practice in our lives we are all much better off. I'd also like to draw attention to the specific challenges of being a woman who battles anxiety (who doesn't these days?) and how my daily meditation in the morning and often at night to fall asleep works wonders. Creating a daily habit of sitting with myself and my breath is critical for my sense of calm and reboots my constantly opening mental tabs when it comes to living this life. I hope this inspires you to fine-tune who you want to be as a parent and what tools can empower and support you in being just that.

Here are a few more of my faves tips:

1.) Take at least 5 - 10 minutes in the morning to get up, take a breath, brush your teeth, etc. Even a few minutes of self-care to start your day can really boost morale.

2.) Meditate for 1 - 5 minutes if you are just starting out. You wouldn't set out to run a marathon by beginning your training with 10 k so take it slow and build gradually.

3.) Set boundaries with your screen (HUGE one)! I leave my phone downstairs most nights and don't pick it up until after I meditate and have a coffee. It's bliss.

Happy Simplifying!

Megan x

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Yoga + Mamahood

When I became a mother, I had already been a regular yoga practitioner for over a decade. It was a part of my daily ritual, my lifeblood, my sanity. Though, something happened to my practice after I gave birth. It changed. MAJORLY. Not to mention the immense changes during pregnancy I had already encountered, this was a whole `nother thang. My body was SO different now. My mind, my breath, everything!

With these changes, I struggled to find who I was in this new role. I felt insecure and lost somehow as I became a human pacifier whose body no longer belonged to her. Thankfully, the yoga continued to keep me sane and give me a breath of fresh air. My practice became less about building confidence through handstands and more about surrendering to my breath during a crying fit. Yoga continues to support me through the ever changing ebb and flow of my life as I keep growing into this mamahood.

During this current stage, connecting to my breath and other like-minded mamas has been the key for me to keep moving forward. It has allowed me to be supported in a way that helps me to love my new practice, my new body, and being a new mom.

Yoga for Mummies: Starts March 9th 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Rest & Restore: My Top 3 Fave Yin Postures

Most of us are in constant GO mode. Reach higher. Do more. Work harder. Push further.

While having goals and ambitions is something I admire and also do, to be our best selves and have a positive impact on the world it is imperative to take time to balance out all of this intensity. Yin and restorative yoga is a beautiful and healing way to do just that. Here are my top 3 favorite postures to help soothe my nervous system and bring me into balance. If you are looking for a face to face practice, join me for an hour of VinYin every week!

1.) Legs up the Wall (Viparita Karani)

2.) Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Bhada Konasana)

3.) Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Being Happy Now

This time of year is an awesome opportunity to not only dream of new adventures but to reflect on the ones that have passed. New Year’s Eve is synonymous with resolutions, goals, and intentions – creating a strong vision for the year ahead.

But what if you chose differently this year? What if you realized that everything you are in this moment, everything you have and do right now is enough? I know it doesn’t always feel this way…but that’s when the practice of Santosha, or contentment comes in. I find it very tempting around this time of year to dwell on what hasn’t happened in my life or get fired up on making new goals a reality in the next twelve months. Santosha doesn’t mean sitting around idly watching the world go by, rather it means accepting and appreciating who and what we are already. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good vision board! It’s incredibly valuable to write down and set our sights on what we'd like to see in our lives. But to what extent do we keep pushing, striving, and reaching without having the balance of present joy and gratitude for what we have already experienced?

Tonight, the eve of 2018, I’ve decided to focus all of my attention on being grateful for what I have in this moment. Not who I want to become or what I’d like to accomplish, but appreciating all that the past 33 years has given me. The moment that all of those other moments has brought me to – being happy with exactly who and where I am, with exactly what I have – flaws, missed marks, unaccomplished goals, unrealized dreams, and ALL.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Today is my Birthday!

It’s been some kind of wild year! 

This time on my last birthday I was suuuuper pregnant and uncomfortable with my little one just weeks away from her arrival. It was by far one of the most exciting and challenging times of my 33 years. This morning as my husband brought my daughter in to wake me with presents and homemade French toast, I cried as I read his card. 

Here are some of his words: “What an amazing year this has been! You have gone through some huge challenges and changes and have come out stronger..."

He was right. Everything we have been through this year that has challenged us has also allowed us to expand and grow in new ways that are just preparing us for the next chapter. This is the flow of life - moments of beauty, of pain, confusion, and growth. Without friction the gem cannot be polished. This sentiment was affirmed in the yoga class I practiced this morning. In savasana I was reminded to let go of my attachments and that whatever I have achieved in the past is perfect and the things I can’t yet do or be are simply opportunities I’m in training for. I can let go of the things that were and are yet to be and feel into what is. This is what allows forward motion as we let go of dwelling on anything that is not in the now. 

The practice of yoga is presence with whatever is arising; the exact moment we are in. This is where our power lies and this is where we find beauty through the experience of growth, letting go, and being. Through our practice we can also find a sense of hope and security in knowing that each moment is fleeting - the precious and the painful. This is what I am reminded of so consistently through yoga because we are always in a fluid movement of change: the only thing that is consistent in life. We have the power to be free in that pleasure and in that challenges, and for that I am grateful. There is a beauty in our growth, our pain, and our changes.

Happy Growing <3 p="">
Megan x

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Belated Farewell to Wagga.

I know, it’s been months. And here I am finally writing my farewell note to you. I’m sure you understand though – having a new baby (who doesn’t sleep), and moving interstate while your hubs starts a new job requiring months of intensive training is a bit full on…to say the least.

But, here I am. I have been thinking about my Wagga friends, students, and acquaintances so much since we moved. I miss the connection and familiarity that 5 years had given me. We are in a new city, which we really do love, and I know this was the best decision for us as a family. Plus, I’m by the ocean, and I can’t explain how good that makes me feel every day.

Still, it takes time to settle in, to meet people you jive with, and to feel like it’s home. So, I write this all to say not only ‘Farewell’ but ‘Thank You.’ I am grateful to you for making Wagga feel like home for me, for welcoming me into your town not as a foreigner but as a friend, and for making me feel sad to say ‘Goodbye.’ I’m grateful to you for allowing me to share myself, my passions, and my life with you and for being a part of the process and learning I gained during my time in there.

Through challenges we gained strength, through joy we gained gratitude, and I thank you for your part in it.

Love Always & Namaste,