Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Yoga + Mamahood

When I became a mother, I had already been a regular yoga practitioner for over a decade. It was a part of my daily ritual, my lifeblood, my sanity. Though, something happened to my practice after I gave birth. It changed. MAJORLY. Not to mention the immense changes during pregnancy I had already encountered, this was a whole `nother thang. My body was SO different now. My mind, my breath, everything!

With these changes, I struggled to find who I was in this new role. I felt insecure and lost somehow as I became a human pacifier whose body no longer belonged to her. Thankfully, the yoga continued to keep me sane and give me a breath of fresh air. My practice became less about building confidence through handstands and more about surrendering to my breath during a crying fit. Yoga continues to support me through the ever changing ebb and flow of my life as I keep growing into this mamahood.

During this current stage, connecting to my breath and other like-minded mamas has been the key for me to keep moving forward. It has allowed me to be supported in a way that helps me to love my new practice, my new body, and being a new mom.

Yoga for Mummies: Starts March 9th 

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