Sunday, January 27, 2019

Simplicity Parenting

When I became a mother, I had absolutley no idea what it would take to be what my child deserves and/or needs. The consistent requests, high energy, and tantrums are enough to drive any one mad. Even a yoga teacher. When I think about who I want to be as a parent, I can't help but incorprate my meditation and yoga practices to support me in being that parent. Taking the time to practice regularly mindful presence, patience, non-reactivity, unconditional love amongst other yogic qualitites, infallibly filters into my parenting style. Not to say I don't screw up and lose my cool sometimes or make choices that are best for the sanity of the family and not particularly great for my child (ie. plopped down in front of a screen, anyone??), but I know that with this transformative practice in our lives we are all much better off. I'd also like to draw attention to the specific challenges of being a woman who battles anxiety (who doesn't these days?) and how my daily meditation in the morning and often at night to fall asleep works wonders. Creating a daily habit of sitting with myself and my breath is critical for my sense of calm and reboots my constantly opening mental tabs when it comes to living this life. I hope this inspires you to fine-tune who you want to be as a parent and what tools can empower and support you in being just that.

Here are a few more of my faves tips:

1.) Take at least 5 - 10 minutes in the morning to get up, take a breath, brush your teeth, etc. Even a few minutes of self-care to start your day can really boost morale.

2.) Meditate for 1 - 5 minutes if you are just starting out. You wouldn't set out to run a marathon by beginning your training with 10 k so take it slow and build gradually.

3.) Set boundaries with your screen (HUGE one)! I leave my phone downstairs most nights and don't pick it up until after I meditate and have a coffee. It's bliss.

Happy Simplifying!

Megan x