Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Well traveled company: a note to self

We are on the plane, heading towards Bali. It was a stressful start, but we made it in the air! We are finally on our way to get married!! Having just spent the last several months of my life giving every spare moment to planning a destination wedding with my fiancé, I've realised very quickly that doing a full time job you've never actually been trained in can be pretty daunting. I'm no wedding planner, but through this process, I've learned a few things...

As a bride, you are expected to organise every last detail from the type of flower to the type of cocktail. Decisions amount to monstrous proportions that any normal human being would find quite overwhelming to say the least. From getting all your best girls together for one day of pampering to sorting out the groomsmen's suits, these decisions are plenty. 

Many times over the last several months, I've been reminded that these decisions are not the important ones. One of the most monumental decisions a person will ever make is choosing a life partner. The importance of this decision is founded on the life altering effects it has on not only the couple, but the entire family unit on either side, the potential children that may come out of the union, and the many years of time and energy invested into the relationship. To many, it may all be a bit too scary and not their cup of tea. For others, what it boils down to is: who do you want to travel with? Who is someone that you can wake up every morning and choose to be your teammate, lover, and friend? When there are travel delays, lost baggage, or missed flights, can you honestly and whole heartedly say in the midst of it all, you are so grateful and lucky to be in the muck and mire with this particular person? That there's no one else you would rather be waiting in the airport with under dire circumstances....Can you work together, compromise, and let go of the little things?

Some of us are lucky enough to meet someone in our lives like this; one that we can travel the journey of life together supporting our triumphs, loving us in our darkness, and growing with us in our times of transition and change. If you are one of the lucky ones, consider yourself blessed beyond measure. Never take your travel companion for granted, but  when you do, apologise. Remind yourself that they are a gift, a rare precious gem that requires polishing and tender, loving care on a daily basis. Just like your relationship to self, it needs connection, healing, compassion. When we take time to cultivate these qualities, they cannot help but expand. Where our attention goes, energy flows. This is one great secret to well travelled company.

"Fear not the future as we know not what it holds. Release the past because it has brought you to this place. And relish every single, incandescent moment as the last one you will ever have." -me

xox Megan