Wednesday, February 10, 2016

When a ‘pity party’ feels like the only way.

As someone that has personally suffered for decades with anxiety and depression, I at one time was very familiar with the concept of throwing myself a ‘pity party.’ During my college years it was a regular occurrence that was one of my main coping mechanisms. It seemed to be one of the only things to bring me solace in this new world of independence I felt ill-equipped to handle.

After many years of yoga, meditation, and professional therapy, my parties have nearly come to an end. On the occasional day of hormonal craze or when Im feeling completely depleted, they will sometimes start up again. But, now they are significantly less loud, frequent, and lingering. After a rush of sorrow and ‘woe is me’ I realise what an incredible waste of time it is and decide that I am way to busy for it! I have a life to live. I have people to love. And now, I have the healthy coping mechanisms to make powerful changes in my own life, relationships, and the challenges I face.

Often times, we recognize in others the things that we dislike most about ourselves. I can honestly say that I can spot a pity party a mile away. Why? Because I've been there. The good thing about being somewhere you don’t want to be and having the ability to get out of it, is that you have an invaluable road map to share this ability with others who are struggling.

Don't be a silent sufferer. There are plenty of resources if you or someone you know is suffering. And remember that you are not a stigma. You are a human working through human issues and many times, humans needs each other.