Sunday, October 8, 2017

Today is my Birthday!

It’s been some kind of wild year! 

This time on my last birthday I was suuuuper pregnant and uncomfortable with my little one just weeks away from her arrival. It was by far one of the most exciting and challenging times of my 33 years. This morning as my husband brought my daughter in to wake me with presents and homemade French toast, I cried as I read his card. 

Here are some of his words: “What an amazing year this has been! You have gone through some huge challenges and changes and have come out stronger..."

He was right. Everything we have been through this year that has challenged us has also allowed us to expand and grow in new ways that are just preparing us for the next chapter. This is the flow of life - moments of beauty, of pain, confusion, and growth. Without friction the gem cannot be polished. This sentiment was affirmed in the yoga class I practiced this morning. In savasana I was reminded to let go of my attachments and that whatever I have achieved in the past is perfect and the things I can’t yet do or be are simply opportunities I’m in training for. I can let go of the things that were and are yet to be and feel into what is. This is what allows forward motion as we let go of dwelling on anything that is not in the now. 

The practice of yoga is presence with whatever is arising; the exact moment we are in. This is where our power lies and this is where we find beauty through the experience of growth, letting go, and being. Through our practice we can also find a sense of hope and security in knowing that each moment is fleeting - the precious and the painful. This is what I am reminded of so consistently through yoga because we are always in a fluid movement of change: the only thing that is consistent in life. We have the power to be free in that pleasure and in that challenges, and for that I am grateful. There is a beauty in our growth, our pain, and our changes.

Happy Growing <3 p="">
Megan x