Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Belated Farewell to Wagga.

I know, it’s been months. And here I am finally writing my farewell note to you. I’m sure you understand though – having a new baby (who doesn’t sleep), and moving interstate while your hubs starts a new job requiring months of intensive training is a bit full on…to say the least.

But, here I am. I have been thinking about my Wagga friends, students, and acquaintances so much since we moved. I miss the connection and familiarity that 5 years had given me. We are in a new city, which we really do love, and I know this was the best decision for us as a family. Plus, I’m by the ocean, and I can’t explain how good that makes me feel every day.

Still, it takes time to settle in, to meet people you jive with, and to feel like it’s home. So, I write this all to say not only ‘Farewell’ but ‘Thank You.’ I am grateful to you for making Wagga feel like home for me, for welcoming me into your town not as a foreigner but as a friend, and for making me feel sad to say ‘Goodbye.’ I’m grateful to you for allowing me to share myself, my passions, and my life with you and for being a part of the process and learning I gained during my time in there.

Through challenges we gained strength, through joy we gained gratitude, and I thank you for your part in it.

Love Always & Namaste, 

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